Products and Castings

Bhadra Castalloy works with a wide range of castings. Our experienced engineers, processes and customer service ensure we can meet the high standards our customers demand.

Types of Casting

Carbon Steel Castings

Earth Moving and Construction equipment parts

Austenitic Manganese Steel Castings  Jaw Crusher Plates, Impact Mill Hammers, Ball Mill Liners, Gyratory Crusher, Concaves, Chute Liners, Hopper Liners, Dozer Tooth Points
Corrosion Resistant Steel Castings Valve Body Castings, Paper Mill Refiner and Disc Liners 
Heat Resistant Steel Castings  Pellet Plant Grate Bars and Grate Plates and Side Wall Liners, Sintering Plant Castings, Heat Treatment Furnace Liners, Lining Supports 
Abrasion Resistant Steel Castings  Hopper Liners, Skirt Liners, Chute Liner Loader Tooth Points, Ball Mill Liners, Concrete Pump Castings 
Abrasion Resistant Iron Castings Shot Blast Machine Wheel Parts, Pump Castings 

Quality and Sizes of Castings

Maximum Single Piece Weight

Maximum Size   1200 x 1500 x 900mm

Qualities Normally Produced

Carbon Steel & Low Alloy Steel Castings

IS:1030, IS:2644, IS:2707, IS2708, IS:2856  
Austenitic Manganese Steel Castings IS:276
Corrosion Resistant Castings IS:3444
Heat Resistant Castings IS:4522, ASTM A297
Abrasion Resistant Steel Castings IS:4896, IS:4771
Abrasion Resistant Alloy Iron Castings ASTM 532


Other equivalent specifications such as ACI, ASTM, BS, JIS, DIN etc., and customers' own specifications can be manufactured. 


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