Press Releases

Castalloys Custom Design Keeps Things Moving

As production buzz words like "Through Put"and "Bottle Neck" become more and more common in the thermal processing industry, so has the requirement of heat resistant alloy fixtures to become more efficient. "Alloy Efficiency" is the focus of a partnering effort between Castalloy design engineers, customers and Material Handling companies to develop heat treating fixtures that optimize customers' processes. 

Although Castalloy offers a complete line of standard products, special design "part specific" fixtures are required to facilitate automated handling of parts. The characteristics necessary for these products to be functional are; dimensional accuracy, dimensionally consistent, lightweight and provide the maximum ratio of alloy to parts-per-load.

Recent successful proposals to captive heat treaters in both the automotive and consumer product markets, have yielded cast solutions that allow machined parts to be automatically loaded directly onto heat treat fixtures after machining. The pre-loaded fixtures are then transported to the heat treat department and processed. After heat treating, the parts are then unloaded automatically.

In addition to the automatic loading and unloading, the fixtures also require bar coding. The laser bar coding feature serves a variety of functions:

* Track alloy life cycles.
* Identify status of parts "In Process".
* Keep accurate inventories of parts.
* Establish manufacturing capacities.
* Project "Work Cell" requirements.

From concept and design through delivery of the finished cast components - our continuous updating of equipment and technology assure Castalloy's tradition of leadership within the heat resistant metal casting industry.

Castalloy Expands Standard Product Offering

In an effort to provide heat resistant alloy for increasing global and domestic demands, Castalloy has developed new "Standard Product"offerings for various markets. Continued success in providing standard fixturing and maintenance alloy in specific market segments has enabled Castalloy to expand our existing standard product line. Products available include a variety of fixtures utilized in the thermal processing industry for carburizing, normalizing, annealing, tempering, etc. at captive and commercial heat treating facilities. 

In addition to specialized fixture design, Castalloy has developed standard product offerings for furnace manufacturers including: Ipsen-Abar, Aichelin, Wellman and Gibbons. These standard products consist of base spider grids, intermediate grids, cast segments, spacers and tie bars. These products add to the list of over 500 standard product part numbers Castalloy currently has to offer in over 25 different heat resistant materials.

The Castalloy website provides visitors the opportunity to view isometric drawings of our standard heat resistant products "on line". As additional standard product offerings become available, isometric drawings will be added to the website as well. With a reputation built upon continuous commitment to quality and service, Castalloy offers the highest level of customer service, maintaining the company ís 25-year tradition of leadership within the metal casting industry.