Abrasion Resistant


ASTM A 532

Type A (C-80)
Type B (C-82)
Type C (C-84)

Type A (C-88) - Modified - slightly higher Silicon percentage


Construction - Trowels, Wear Shoes, Screw (auger) Segments, Liners
Consumer Products - Grind Rings, Wear Shoes
Crushing & Pulverizing – Striking Plates, Wear Liners, Anvils, Augers, Paddles

The following materials are available:

  • ASTM A 532 Class 1 Ni-Hard, Types A, B and D
  • ASTM A 532 Class 2 and 3, White Irons as cast and heat treated
  • ASTM A 128 Manganese Steel, Grades A, C and F
  • AISI or SAE 8620 and 4140

White Iron

ASTM A 532

Type B (C-17)
Type B (C-17 Heat Treated 550-600 BHN)

ASTM A 532

Type A (C-27)
Type A (C-27 Heat Treated 550-600 BHN)


Airless Shotblasting Construction - Blades, Control Cages, Impellers, Liners, Screw (auger) Segments, Wear Segments

Consumer Products - End Caps, Wear Sleeves

Crushing & Pulverizing - Power Generation - Ash Handling - Grate Clips, Fan Blades, Combining Tubes, Crusher Cams, Gate Seats, Anvil Plates, Pump Bodies

Mining - Rollers, Tubes

Concrete Processing
- Wear Sleeves, Pipe Liners

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