High performance commercial heat treatment alloy

Looking for the right furnace fixture?

Finding exactly the right part handling and holding fixtures for your furnace and heat treatment process isn’t easy. They need to fit your application perfectly, offer a long in-service life – and start working in production as soon as possible.

We can help

Whether you want custom-designed heat treatment alloy or buy standard product off the shelf today, Castalloy are the people to talk to. With deep engineering expertise, ISO 9001 certification and a commitment to constant innovation, you can always expect excellent dimensional accuracy, superior surface finish and a rapid turnaround.

To give you the optimum solution to your thermal processing challenge, our facilities in the UK, USA and India employ the latest equipment and technology:


  • Solidification simulation
  • SolidWorks CAD and Finite Element Analysis tools
  • 3D printed prototypes to check sizing and fit
  • Multiple in-house molding, core-making and casting processes

You design, we produce: Have an existing design you are happy with? Our contract manufacturing service will turn it into exactly the part you specify.

Custom castings: We can create custom furnace part handling fixtures, trays, racks, baskets and other part holders optimized for your application. This will give you the maximum possible furnace throughput, longest service lifetime and the lowest overall cost.

Buy standard product off the shelf: If you want your part today, we supply a wide range of premium quality cast furnace fixtures from stock at competitive prices.

Request a copy of our heat treatment brochure for more detailed information

With decades of experience in engineering abrasion, corrosion and heat-resistant high alloy castings, Castalloy can help you deal with your alloy challenge.

Here are examples of our datasheets and part number lists, if you would like a copy, please contact us 

Application Sheet 1 HT part numbers 


Our Company Brochure

We have created a corporate brochure which details our

  • design expertise
  • technical support
  • materials
  • commitment to the environment
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